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This all day was so suck … my telkomsel flash was lost, i dunno how it can be, all I remember just put it into my wallet .. flashku yang sudah menyiksa dengan koneksi yang super lelet sekarang hilang lagi. I try to block my number .. but when I call 111 from xl bebas always dc, I try many time it still same … get damned fucking operator .. jika ada persaingan antar operator, customer pasti korbannya, or may be I’m who stupid in this chase. XL call to 111 … ?

And … lumpur porong lapindo … it’s a curse for me to pass it every day … seing the same asongan, amen, supir, kondektur every day. Miserable face every where. may be my instinct of humanity already died for 3 years ago. Tapi bagaimana jika hati seputih salju dan sebening kapas (especially I don’t have hearth like it) jika tiap hari di jatah rutinitas melewati kejadian kejadian menyedihkan yang sama, akankah hati itu akan sesensitif pertama kali melihat kejadian menyedihkan itu …?, , I dunno, every body have different answer (im sure more then 50% will say it in diplomatic). Ok enough with bakrie cs curse , I already sick to pass it every day, I don’t wont to discuss it anymore.

And .. my job … I need it .. really I need it not just the money. Its place that I can bring my big smile. On other side my job is who make me like this … being thicker mask … don’t worry I like that mask .. cos every body using mask. I just wan’t those mask blending into my face ( actually I really tired with those mask … but I still need it).

At last I came at home on 12:00 am … entering my room, my lair. You know .. it was fantastic room … i thing time freezing on this room. Well .. I still sad with lost of my telkomsel flash … I can’t post my blog, my kindess bullshit blog (brainhunter). I look into gado gado room … my parent and litte Dita in sweat dream ..also my most little nephew chubby super Nabil.

“She .. she … she the other one, why u not calling me along day, now I really suffer … I need talk to you, your voice can gimme additional moral energy. Hope u read it …”

I try to killing time by watching nasioal telepisi … sambil menunggu sahur … acara yang tetep itu itu saja. Saya lihat Intan Nuraini in comedy show.. well this girl was grown well, she now look more adult. She use orenge or brown shirt ..with little tight … that’s why I say she now look more adult .. I can see in her breast .. wow .. its really different when I see her in product advertise many years ago. Well its weird in bulan puasa I realize that she already grown .. actually I realize it at salah satu acara Ramadhan di bulan Suci ini .. bulan di mana HARUS kujaga HAWA NAFSUKU.

*) sorry for English ancur2anku


Written by exKalong

15 September 2008 pada 2:47 pm

Ditulis dalam Ngelantur

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